Padel in the time of Coronavirus
Padel Covid

Padel, like all sports, has undergone restrictions, despite this it remains one of the safest sports, as it is not a mass sport and each player has at least 50 m2 of space, it does not involve any contact during the game. According to the rules established in order to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus, depending on the color attributed to your region, you can play as long as you do it outdoors and respect the decalogue of behavior for players and facility managers, respecting which , contagion of the virus can be avoided. All that remains is the wait for that fateful moment in which we will return to a White zone that will allow us to resume playing without limits but with the limitations dictated by intelligence so as not to allow the virus to regain control over our lives.


In a moment of great uncertainty like the one we are all facing, holding on to certainties is an instinctive mental step in each of us. Having said that, it is precisely in these moments that we need to roll up our sleeves and think wisely about the future, planning with newfound enthusiasm the project that offers us the greatest number of guarantees. One certainty is given by the fact that Padel today offers the greatest opportunity for growth and earnings in sport that has ever been seen; if we add to this the great and immediate visibility that court booking APPs offer us, we cannot fail to consider the idea of ​​creating padel courts. Taking the time to organize your future is increasingly difficult, therefore, taking advantage of this period of forced lockdown, we thought we would present our products, so as to transform an unfruitful moment into a productive one. This food for thought is intended for entrepreneurs in the sports sector who, like me, have been marked by this disastrous year and, hopeful for the future, decide to embark on new paths. If we look at the world of padel for a moment, we see that the requests for available hours greatly exceed the number of courts available in many areas of Italy, so much so that investors who opened a new center with covered courts last year , to date they have already recovered the initial investment and are organizing to install other fields to increase the offer. The idea of ​​allocating a little-considered area, an area of ​​the sports center that is too small for other sports, a five-a-side football/tennis field that is not fully exploited, to a new sport can be done today by allocating it to one or more fields from padel by increasing the offer to its customers and increasing economic revenue up to 10 times; in fact 3 padel courts occupy around 700m2 like 1 tennis court but the economic income varies a lot: €120/hour vs €12/hour. The fiberglass courts, designed and made entirely in Italy, offer much more guarantees to your investment due to their incredible durability over time, because they do not rust, do not suffer structural failures and require practically no maintenance.

Furthermore, they are easy to install, have high mechanical resistance and resist fire, UV rays and salt corrosion.

Costo Campo Padel

In the hope of having done something pleasant and remaining at your complete disposal for any clarification or further information that may be necessary, we would like to take this opportunity to extend our warmest regards.

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