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Panoramic and super panoramic padel courts
Campo da Padel in Vetroresina Fiberglass - Campidapadel_it

Panoramic Field in Fiberglass

Solidify your business with the exclusive FIBERGLASS padel court models with superior durability

Supply and installation of padel courts was conceived with the objective to stand out for the superior quality of the products used and the continuous strive for innovative solutions in order to offer the best product on the market. Our models are always technologically advanced and built in compliance with the regulations of the Italian and International Padel Federation.

The advantages of Padel

Padel is undoubtedly the trending sport! Having been one of the most played and followed sports in Spain and Argentina, Padel is now experiening a boom in Italy as well in recent years. Thanks to the strong growth i in our country, it is undoubtedly an excellent investment for managers and owners of sports centers. In economic terms, padel makes about twice as much as a futsal (5v5 soccer) field and about six times more than a tennis court.


Here are some of the clubs and sports facilities that have chosen

Accessories for Padel courts also provides a wide range of accessories to complete your padel court with the most innovative and functional options.

Protection systems, customizable benches, safety films for windows, padel scores to keep track of match scores and much more.

Creation and management of Padel Centers

Thanks to the experience gained in the sector with the creation and management of Padel centers and projects for our customers, is able to lead you step by step in the creation and development of your new center.

Our services include project/design consultancy, financial consultancy, marketing and communication consultancy, management or co-management of the facility, and other services.