How much does a padel court cost?
Costo Campo Padel

A topic that is very destabilizing for those approaching the padel court market for the first time, this is because very different opinions are heard.
The questions that in our opinion should be asked are:

  • how much can I save?
  • Is it worth the risk of buying a pitch that doesn’t fully meet all the requirements?
  • Ultimately, is it a long-term gain or loss?

We at recommend considering some fundamental key points:

How much does a padel court cost and how long does it take to return the investment?

If we try to answer this question and prepare a spreadsheet with the entry and exit items, we realize that the return occurs on average in a year considering an average rent and an average turnout.

This timing can double if we also have to create the reinforced concrete screed and the roofing of the field but, in this regard, we must consider that the roofing allows us to fully exploit all the days of the year and the possible times, greatly increasing the potential revenue economical and increasing playing comfort.

How much can I save when buying a padel court?

In truth, you should ask yourself if saving “something” is really worth it?

“Something” which in reality is always much less than what you will earn in a single month of activity and which exposes you to serious long-term risks?

I can give up the quality of the raw material, the quality with which it is treated, the professionalism and experience of the specialized workers to whom it is entrusted, first to shape it and then to install it, to the designer who created it, to the designer who conceived it , to the engineer who certified it.

None of this?

If I want the field to be solid, long-lasting, for the paint to not be damaged over time and for the anti-oxidation treatment to be impeccable.

That the turf is of high quality and the lights studied and designed for the size of the padel.

Whether the glass is tempered or laminated and absolutely 12mm.

Finally, but very important, that it meets all the requirements imposed by the NTC 2018 and Legislative Decree 106/2017 in compliance with EU regulation no. 305/2011 … then I cannot hope to pay little for a product that offers me so much.

Do not give up on the solidity and seriousness of the company that will supply/install the padel court, on the lack of trained personnel, on professionals who surround it, on lawyers who guarantee the products, on the passion and time and money invested in a project in which one they believe.

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